I love the bohemian, hippy look of patchwork, especially when bright colours are incorporated. Pinks and oranges are my favorites. I went looking for illustrations and here’s what I found:


This sofa is beautiful and I’d be so happy to have it as a focus piece in my home.


I couldn’t find the perfect mix of fabric in trousers on etsy or pinterest, though I do remember seeing them a year or two ago. That’s what you get when you don’t jump on something you love on etsy right? Anyway, these are quite nice anyway.


This pillow has a nice mix of colours in my opinion.


If this was bigger I might buy it. Its got my favorite mix of orange and pink and I love the rag look in between the patches! Its on sale at the moment too.


I wish this tunic was my size but I couldn’t find anything like this in my size! Boo!

What do you think about patchwork? Yea or nay?