I love leopard print

I know some people find it tacky or over the top but I love it. I like a little bit and I love a lot of it. I do recognise that you can’t really have leopard print everything all at once of course. That would be horrible. But an entire jacket or an entire dress is absolutely lovely to me! I don’t like very small spots and I don’t like when they’re too far apart. I don’t like when they’re grey or some other strange colour, although, sometimes there’s room for pink I guess.


This coat over at The Freelancer’s Fashion blog is amazing. Ulrika is gorgeous too so that helps but the coat is exactly what I love when it comes to leopard print. How freaking gorgeous is that!?


This is a nice leopard print I found on Plumo.com . Hope so, its quite pricey but it seems the good prints are.


I’d love these, especially with the boots.  However,I think I found another pair that might do. I’ll show you if I get them, and no I won’t wear them with the leopard print jacket I just bought!

What do you think about leopard print and do you like a different type than I do?


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