Hearts and roses

I’m not a very pink and frilly kind of girl. In fact I used to protest pink and frills completely. Anything too girly and I would reject it without a thought. I tend to reject anything that I’m told directly or indirectly I have to do. When I was younger I’d gladly cut off my nose to spite my face in many ways just to prove I could do what I want. I’m a little more discerning now.

I still have issues with pink and frills for little girls. That’s all you can find in most places that sell kids clothes; pink, purple, frilly and girly. There’s nothing wrong with being girly if you decide that’s what you like but when pink is all that’s available for little girls what is that teaching them? We spent so much time trying to convince everyone that women should be equal and just as it’s almost here, we separate the girls from the boys and show them just how different they really are. It’s a post in itself really and believe me it’ll happen because it’s one of my touch points.

Anyway, I’ve actually grown to like pink for myself sometimes, as well as flowery things and hearts and occasionally a few ruffles and frills here and there. Usually in a fusion kind of way, paired with something less traditionally girly. Here are a few of my favorites:


First up is this simple but lovely vintage heart bracelet by Iridescence. As it’s not too complex it can be paired with just about anything in the world from jeans and a t-shirt to an evening gown. It could become a total wardrobe staple in an instant. 


I love this Butterfly covered straw hat by Betsy Hatter, its just so gorgeous and whimsical. It kind of looks very girly at first glance with the flowers and butterflies in pinks and purples and might be a bit too much on a dress like this:

pink frilly dress

Found on Etsy here. But maybe not, now that I think about it. I think some people could really rock those two together. I was thinking more like this though:


Here’s the link to that one, it doesn’t go anywhere sadly but it’s just the kind of thing I had in my head. The thing about the butterfly hat is that it is so versatile. It can be anything you want it to be; soft and sweet, loud and quirky or totally in your face bold. It’s all in how you present it!

A bit of a switch in gears:


This cake by Time for Tiffin is one of my faves. So sweet with the doll and the hearts, I’m left speechless. I sure couldn’t bring myself to cut into it though!


I found this on Pinterest and it links to a site where I can’t find the original. Oh well. Just a bit of eye candy I really enjoy looking at even though it’s quite girly.


I own these, they’re from Iridescence again. You can’t see from the pic but they have these little crystals in the tops so they sparkle too! I love them because they’re a touch of character when you’re not feeling like making a huge look-at-me statement.


Here they are!

And lastly:


I quite like this Marilyn Monroe Sugar Skull t-shirt. There aren’t any hearts or flowers in it but it’s Marilyn right? So it’s a bit girly by default.

What do you think about frills and flowers? Yea or Nay?


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