Lush “Let Them Eat Cake” vegan lip balm

This weekend was utterly exhausting. Both my kids had their birthdays last week so we did a small family party on Saturday and then, obviously Sunday was Mother’s Day. Yeah, I was pampered a bit of course and that was nice. But then I stayed up a bit too late trying to make a beaded leather wrap bracelet and talking about other interesting projects my husband and I are exploring (super secret right now!). The bracelet didn’t work because the spacer beads I bought are too big. So I’ve ordered some smaller ones to try in a few days, plus some more stuff to try since I have extra beads now. Last night there was little sleep to be had for me, so today I am practically a zombie.


It’s not pretty

So I thought I’d tell you about this lip balm I’ve had in one of my drawers forever. The other day I really needed something for my dry lips for some reason and had run out of whatever I was using before (I’m not very loyal sometimes). So, I went searching through my many drawers and boxes of products I just haven’t used yet for whatever reason and found this Lush vegan lip balm called “Let them eat cake”.


Its yummy! Somehow they pull off a sweet, cinnamony, cakey flavour. I suppose with cinnamon, but it’s not an overpowering spicy cinnamon, it’s so subtle and lovely. And of course, it’s a really nice balance of moisture and slickness. Its not waxy or oily. Its actually just right. So I’m applying it like crazy and will probably go out and buy a new pot when I’m done with this one.

What’s your favorite lip balm?


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