Hate it when people spam your newsfeed?

Recently a colleague said that he unfriends people on Facebook when they “spam” his news feed with posts about their businesses. This is an open letter to him and everyone who agrees.

Dear Colleague,

You say you hate it when your news feed is spammed on Facebook by friends and their businesses. I do understand that you feel inundated by media messages and advertisements everyday telling you to buy this and buy that. Your hard earned money gets spent way too quickly. I understand, and we have all become so cynical and cautious about these messages.

Or have we?


Vintage cuff by Iridenscence

We see McDonald’s everywhere we go, we don’t even realise how often we look at those golden freaking arches. If it’s not the restaurant itself we’re looking at, there’s a bag of food somewhere that someone is carrying around, or someone has left around littering the streets, or there’s an advertisement on the bus stop, or the billboard, or on TV. It’s EVERYWHERE.

But that doesn’t bother you because you’ve tuned it out. Don’t mistake, it still affects your thinking whether you eat there or not. You’re always aware that McDonalds is a choice.

Many big brands are in your face just like McDonalds day in and day out. They have seeped into your brain and they make up such a big part of it now that you don’t even notice how much you see them. They are just a part of life.

Starbucks. Nike. Primark.

They’re not spamming your life. They’re just a part of your life.


Petal Collar by House of Handmade

Your friend’s little indie business though. Whoa! That’s different. She better back the fuck up and leave you alone huh? You do not want to know about it. She can find her customers elsewhere.

You’re not even tolerant enough to ignore the posts? You do know you can set it up to not see certain people’s posts on your wall right? Not that I’m for that option.

I’m for being supportive; like the page, like the post, share it every once in a while! Some people are trying to make a living with their business, not an empire. I understand the anti-capitalism sentiment that many people share, but we live in a capitalist economy and if you’re anti-capitalist you should be FOR the little indie business and the self employed.

Because McDonalds and Starbucks, they’re good. They don’t need your support, they have 300 million more supporters. But your friend, she needs it. Self employment is not easy. Cutting through all the other messages and being noticed is hard work. No one is trying to invade your space but your tolerance levels need an attitude adjustment.


Victorian/Steampunk hat by Betsy Hatter

Our money needs to start going to the little guy instead of the conglomerates. Income inequality has become ridiculous and our spending habits are not helping. They’ve gotten too good at psychological tricks in marketing and advertising and we need to be more aware and vigilant.

Indie businesses don’t have huge marketing budgets; they have networking and social media. That means friends on Facebook and Twitter as well as real life. Someone you know may well want something your friend offers and unfriending her can make that impossible.

You ignore the messages from the largest brands around us, its in your interest, my interest and the interest of the 99% if you help support all  the indie business owners and self employed rather than actively sabotage by cutting yourself off as a networking link.




PS click on the images to buy them!


8 thoughts on “Hate it when people spam your newsfeed?

  1. A while back a woman who ran an online vintage sewing pattern shop told her fans all the work that went into what she did and how she felt her prices were reasonable. It really bothered her when people would harass her about her prices. Owning/running your own business is so tough. Thanks for giving a thoughtful shoutout to those that do. It does us all good to support when we can.

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