It’s Spring! Put the pastels away!

It’s spring now and apparently it has been for four whole weeks! Really? I can’t believe that. It’s still cold in my bedroom at night (did you know I’m from America and have only been here 5 years? Yeah, I still expect it to warm up in spring! What’s wrong with me?) There have been a couple days that were like two degrees warmer, maybe, but it’s still been mostly the same. I guess that’s what I should expect anyway, until those three days of summer arrive it’ll be like this. (I don’t believe that for a second, summer does get hot! That I remember.)

Anyway the real reason I know it’s spring is because I keep seeing blog posts like this:

SPRING has sprung! Can you believe it? I love spring because now I can wear the super pretty, frilly, flouncy, lovely, mooshy, smooshy, PASTEL coloured dresses! Yaaaayyyy! Look at these lovely scrummy pastel dresses! I loooooveee them! 


 Image source

I hate them. Pastels, ugh. They’re so… noncommittal! If you’re a colour, be a colour! Stand up for yourself and shout it out! Spring should be about waking up to all the lovely colours in the world after the slumber of winter. I’m happy with winter being about creams and browns, dark greens and reds. That’s lovely. But in the spring time, this happens:


Yellow flowers * Blue flowers closeup * Purple flower closeup * Yellow daffodils * Red and yellow flower meadow * Hydrangeas

So why exactly are we looking at these?


Image source

Wake up to some brightness in the world!


This jumper on Etsy somehow manages to be bright as well as pastel so it had to go first. I actually surprisingly like it a lot!


This one is also on Etsy and is upcycled like all the items in the shop from tea towels! It’s too quirky not to like it!


Speaking of quirk; this top is quite pastel as well I know, I’m getting to the really bright stuff. But it’s got a raccoon on it! Move over owls, bored of you now.


Here you go, we’re getting brighter, this is the kind of thing I like. That’s spring right there. Spring flowers and everything!


I just think this looks quite nicely bright and comfy too. I kinda want it. Find it here.


This bright yellow shrug is pretty much the epitome of what I think spring should be about. I know you think it’s summery. Nope.

rockabillytopAnd I had to add this rockabilly top to the list because it’s quite bright and quite odd (which I love)! One of a kind!

So, that’s what I think about what to wear in spring. I know, I’m alone in this. Pastel is in.

For now!



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