My DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet Experience

It all started with the promoted posts on Facebook that are always showing me these wrap bracelets on sale for £21! First I ignored them, then I started to think they were kind of cool, then I clicked the link. Let me say that this does show proof in my opinion that consistent advertising does in fact work. One ad does nothing but consistently over time it does get into people’s brains.

leatherwrapbracelet1 leatherwrapbracelet4

So I clicked and went to look and yeah, they’re pretty nice but woah! The ones not on sale are like over £100! I’m broke. Like really broke. Even £21 is pushing it for me right now. So, I thought I might see if I can look up how to make these things myself. Can’t be that hard right? Indeed, there are lots of tutorials in blogs (and youtube videos but I didn’t watch any) and I chose one that looked fairly good to follow and bought all the stuff I would need from ebay.

I think it was the beads that took longest, easily two weeks. I almost lost interest by then! And they were all wrong for this type of bracelet so I had to order different ones a couple of times as well as wait for a night I had the energy AND interest AND ingredients ALL converged into a trifecta of a bracelet making night!


Then, once I’d spent over £21 anyway, I started making this bracelet that was clearly not going to look as good as a pro can make it. But, I thought it would be fun.


What a mess!

It was really frustrating and monotonous and a little bit boring. Howeveer I did feel quite accomplished at the end when I had a nice bracelet, even though it’s not long enough or neat enough really. I might try again soon. I might try it again a lot!

However I would say the moral of the story is that sometimes the DIY option is not the best value at all!

Have you ever had a similar DIY fashion experience?



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