How bloggers and entrepreneurs can better chase their dreams!

I’m very political; I have lots of opinions about how things should work, and I don’t think they are working right now. However, I’m completely aware that not everyone is interested to read dry political theory. If you wanted to do that you would go looking for it (like I do lol). Instead you are reading a fashion and lifestyle (and opinion!) blog. So, I’m going to keep this sweet and simple.


Most of us writing blogs and starting businesses have to balance these dreams with maintaining a life with a roof over our heads, food, clothes for our ever-growing kids, transportation, etc etc. Cost of living has gone up so much; it’s literally gotten much harder to live a modest life than it was 20 to 30 years ago. Baby boomers that complain about the lazy Millenials are just plain wrong. Stuff is more expensive and jobs are harder to find. Truth.


Enter Universal Basic Income. As Thomas says in the link, it is “a proposed economic system in which all adults within the economy receive a guaranteed basic income irrespective of whether they have a job or not.” No one starves anymore. No one has to be homeless. Everyone’s basic needs are met and everyone is free to chase whatever dream they want to chase. Just so you know, numerous trials all over the place have shown that small business creation increases quite considerably.


Small wonder huh!? Entrepreneurs in this system are free to chase their dreams. Yes, this includes bloggers! Many of us who would like nothing more than to plunge every waking moment into our various projects would jump at this opportunity! I don’t have to worry about starving? I don’t have to spend a third of my life bored or stressed out of my mind just to stay afloat? Yes please!

If you want to know more, please please feel free to have a look at the piece I linked to above at Another Angry Voice. It’s a really good explanation in plain English about why it is actually a policy that is good for the economy rather than bad for it. There are lots of people who bristle at any mention of something like this but actually it would increase freedom, help the economy, and help streamline government spending. And apparently only the Green Party will consider it. <—- That link is quite a good piece on the idea too.

I just thought you should be aware.



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