Vintage inspired jewelry haul!

I love this necklace! I linked to it in my last post, having almost bought it already as soon as it was posted up on Facebook by Sam at Iridescence. But I do try to control myself sometimes and I know there are a large number of pieces from Iridescence that I would like to have. Monday morning my husband watched me buy some DIY stuff for a leather and swarovski pendant necklace without saying a word even though he’d already ordered this necklace for me, or at least knew he was about to.

Both pairs of earrings went quite well with it and I have no idea which I prefer. I walked around with one in each ear for a while but I think I need to choose which to wear before going out. Maybe I can start a trend? If mismatched socks can work, why not earrings?

I’d just like to take a moment to say that I’ve been married for almost 6 years now and he’s still an amazing husband so I think he’s a keeper! Haha!

artdeco2 artdeconeck artdeconeck2 artdeconeck3 artdeconeck4 artdeconeck7

Art deco necklace – Iridescence by Sam

Vintage bird earrings – Iridescence by Sam

Flower earrings – Iridescence by Sam



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