Leopard Print Bellbottoms

Maybe it’s because I’m a 90’s girl who was in love with the 70’s even back then, but I do love a super pair of bell-bottoms.  The more flare the better; I’m so jealous of skinny girls who get more flare just because they have a smaller waist. I don’t see why it has to be that way though, I’m happy to wear ridiculously flared trousers, even if it’s not quite in right now. Hayley of Tea Party Beauty was mostly right in Trends From The 90’s You Won’t Be Rocking, almost completely, but this trend I really could go back to.

Well imagine my excitement when I found these while I was searching Etsy for some great leopard print finds. Leopard print bell bottoms. Excuse me but… Eeeeeek!!!




You can find them here along with some other very cool flare trousers for sale from Flare Street on Etsy!




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