Sending back my favorite shoes

I intended this to be a very happy, smiley, chirpy post today. I’d been waiting and waiting for this and it just hasn’t gone to plan. Instead it’s a sad and disappointed day for me a bit.

Last Friday, I’d basically decided that I would, indeed buy the shoes I’d been wanting to buy for… maybe months! Certainly weeks. I decided that I would buy them and then I put on my old black trainers and went to work, hoping I wouldn’t have to wear them again except for you know, hiking or something. As I was walking through Norwich toward my destination I heard a couple of girls lower their voices as they approached me, say something in another language (I think) and then as they passed one of them said “footlocker maybe” and I realised that they were mocking me. Ugh! How dare they? They have no idea what my life is like. They have no idea if I just have bad taste or if these are all I have available for the moment for whatever reason. (By the way, I have two kids, I work part time, my husband is trying to finish a degree so doesn’t make money right now other than sporadically, so yeah, things are tight.)


Truffle Platform Loafer Flat Shoe

Anyway, I had left the window open on the computer and my husband bought them for me. He bought both pairs so that I could decide which I liked best! (He’s so good to me!) I was sooo excited waiting for them.

They arrived yesterday (that was fast) and guess what? They don’t fit! One of them really really is just too tight even without socks on. The other pair I’m tempted to keep because I love them and can’t find anything else like them but they would end up those pair of shoes in my closet that I look at wistfully then remember the pain and choose something else.



Asos Truffle Chunky Loafer with Tassle

So, sadly, I’ll have to send them back and sadly they don’t even have them in my size at all so my search for shoes I like continues! Anyone seen anything like this anywhere?


2 thoughts on “Sending back my favorite shoes

  1. I feel so bad for you! It is always so sad having to send something back 😦 I haven’t sen any similar styles anywhere, but I’ll tell you if I do 🙂

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