Get #bbloggers & #fbloggers t-shirts now!

So, quietly when I’m not doing anything else I’ve been working on this idea for a line of tee shirts and thinking about a way to fund them through Indiegogo or Kickstarter and the best way to get the word out about them. I want to get the minimum order funded and then release one every month, kind of like a tee shirt of the month club except you don’t have to accept every design. Maybe. Or it may work differently. Anyway I’ve been thinking a lot about tee shirts.


Then I was on Twitter looking at #bbloggers when it hit me! Why not have #bbloggers and #fbloggers tee shirts!? Nothing too fancy just a simple, clean design that says “I’m a part of this!” I think it would be awesome. However I don’t want to add it to my line because this is different than the others. I just want this to be it’s own little project. Lets just get ourselves some t-shirts and not worry about the rest.


I already have a supplier that sources ethically produced shirts and prints here in the UK so that’s sorted. All I need is the orders as I don’t have the capital to speculate with. As a matter of fact, I’m only going to buy what you order, so if you want one don’t put it off. Look how gorgeous these are. You can choose between white, leaf green or raspberry pink and the lettering will be a deep purple. They will be amazing!

Get your t-shirts here!


The Giveaway

The other thing I want to tell you about is a blogger giveaway I’m going to do. All I want you to do is write a blog post telling people about the campaign (maybe that you’ve ordered one and are excited lol), link to it and let me know. If the campaign is successful and the goal is reached I will have a rafflecopter widget that you can use to enter my Amazing Thank You Jewelry and Make Up Giveaway. The blog post will be worth a majority of the entries, along with follows as usual and the winner will receive a haul worth £100! You will get £50 to spend with Iridescence my absolutely fave jewelry shop, and £50 to spend on Urban Decay products!


 I’m really excited about this. I want the t-shirts but I also really want to see the amazing haul post or video by one of you amazing ladies. Please share this opportunity with any bloggers who might be interested! I will be sooo appreciative!


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