Deep And Dark As Sammy J Hot Cocoa Recipe

Tomorrow is the first day of my 30 Day Challenge and I hope some of you are going to play along! Don’t feel like you have to keep up to do so though. Do what you can and be proud of yourself for it! I for one will be doing just that.


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Of course tomorrow is Father’s Day so we’re going to be gorging ourselves on roast beef, macaroni & cheese and probably ice cream sundaes! But the calorie control starts Monday. In truth I’ve been attempting calorie control all week, maybe a little longer but it’s not been working out at all. I can’t bring myself to not have a sandwich for lunch. I don’t know what it is but that one little thing seems so important to me right now. So maybe I won’t try to cut out the sandwiches, maybe I will make them healthier sandwiches first. We’ll change the chicken mayo sandwich or the brie and tomato sandwich into a chicken and salad or roast beef sandwich this week. Greek yogurt and fruit for breakfast and something sensible for dinner. I’m not trying to go too low because going really low while also introducing a new exercise routine is a bit dumb. I’ve been a bit sloppy lately and I need to edge my way into it.

Tonight we’re having some of that dark hot cocoa I told you about. We went shopping and picked up a liter of milk and then came home to realise we now have three containers of milk in the fridge! So cocoa it is. This cocoa is a life saver for me. Last year while losing weight I allocated the calories (230ish) for an end of day treat. Every. Day. Well any day that we did well and stayed on target we would have these. If we didn’t and had an ice cream at a fayre or something we would skip it and not feel guilty for the small ice cream during a day of walking around. It was awesome.

This is a really dark, not-too-sweet cocoa. You may prefer less cocoa and/or more sugar. Play with it, that’s how we ended up with this recipe ourselves.


As-Deep-and-Dark-as-Samuel-L-Jackson Hot Cocoa

makes 2 servings

600 ml milk
30 g cocoa
30 g sugar

Pour the milk into a measuring jug.

Measure the cocoa into a small cup, add some of the milk (60ish mil)

Heat the milk in microwave or on stovetop (we nuke for 3 minutes, stir then 2 more)

Make a paste with the cocoa and milk

Measure out the sugar and add to heated milk. Stir.

Add cocoa paste and stir.

Heat again for another minute if you’re like my husband who hates to actually drink his cocoa right away. He prefers to stare at it and smell it for a while. I don’t know why. (He does other stuff that makes up for it which is why I put up with this.)

Wait for optimal temperature. Sniff, it’s divine!


Let me know if you try this what you think but don’t forget I warned you its dark!


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