How to personalise your workout plan

Having just finished my fifth workout on the 30 Day Body Weight Full Body Challenge I realised it doesn’t really look like the one I “prescribed” for everyone and that perhaps I should explain why and how you can change yours up to fit your needs too.

First, maybe I should apologise for giving you a plan that wasn’t so good for you. It wasn’t so good for me either. Really I want to apologise for not explaining better in the very beginning that this plan was actually meant to be whatever you want it to be for you.


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Can’t do 20 squats? Fine, do 10!

Can’t do lunges after squats? Don’t.

Can you do more than 15 seconds in the plank position? I sure as hell hope that you’re doing the longest plank you can manage!

It was always meant to be a starting position. The whole reason that I started this challenge was because all those other challenges are too prescriptive. The squat challenge starts you off at 50 squats? WTF? And you can’t build every day, you need more days off than those other challenges give. The only day really that you should work out 5 days a week is if you do different things each day: upper body Monday, core Tuesday, lower body Wednesday, etc etc. By the way, there may be lots of personal trainers disagreeing with me there; I may be simplifying to the point of being wrong as my husband would put it. The point is though you cannot do 50 squats on day one and add five per day! You will hurt yourself.


So I did 20 squats, 10 push ups, 20 lunges, a 45 second plank, 10 dumb bell rows and 30 jumping jacks to start. It felt hard but good.

Then I did exactly the same two days later and it felt much harder! Dieting down doesn’t help resistance improvement. I couldn’t even finish the lunges. So the third exercise day I dropped the squats and lunges down to 12, increased the dumb bell rows to 12 and it was all more manageable. I’ve done the exact same thing two more times though so I’ll have to increase something next time.

The idea really is to see where you are and then just try to improve from there. Just keep pushing yourself. Soon, I will give you suggestions about how to progress, because you can’t just go up to 250 squats. That’s ridiculous.


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