Oreo Caramel Cheesecake (Ice Cream!)

So, I do like to talk about working out and eating right, I think it’s very important, but it’s summer and everyone needs something to make for guests or something to bring when they are a guest. I do NOT suggest you eat this whole thing. You could always just have a fruit salad, that would be the healthy responsible thing to do, but its not nearly as good as this! Sometimes we just have to be naughty. BTW, I really wanted to make this peanut butter instead of (or in addition to!) the caramel but I don’t think that very many people where this was going would have been into that as much. I, as an American, am completely addicted to peanut butter and chocolate desserts. If you want me to, I will experiment with and report back on that idea!

Edit: This cheesecake did not set! Don’t make this as is, you’ll be as disappointed as I was.

Oreo Caramel Cheesecake

Based on the BBC no-bake cheesecake here.

400 grams of full fat Philadelphia cream cheese

300 grams of mascarpone cheese

200 grams of icing sugar

1 vanilla bean (or 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract)

1 can of Carnation caramel

For the base:

200 grams of Oreo biscuits

75 grams of butter



Mash up the oreos really well. I put them in a bag and used a roller but that didn’t work as well as it does when it’s digestives. I had to then pour them into a bowl and just mash them up with the back of a measuring cup. It was a bit of work.

Melt the butter. Don’t let it explode all over the microwave like it always does to me!

Combine the crushed oreos and some of the melted butter, you won’t need it all. I didn’t. Dump it in your buttered and papered 9 inch springform pan (I told you that part right? Oh. Sorry! Good thing you read through the whole thing first!) and pat it all down nice and neat. Throw it carefully into the fridge for a bit.

With a mixer, combine the cheeses and the scraped out seeds of the vanilla bean, well. Add two or three Tablespoons of the caramel into the cheese mixture and mix some more.

Sift a little bit of the sugar at a time into the mixture and mix thoroughly before putting the mixer on it (just to save you from a big mess). Once it’s all mixed turn the mixer to medium high and mix for a few minutes more.

Get the base out and pour the mixure on top, even it all out and pop it back into the fridge for apparently at least 4 hours. I went to bed so it was like 8 or 10.

Put the remaining caramel into a squeeze bottle (you have one right? No? Just drizzle it on then.) and squeeze out a cool effortless drizzle design over the top. Do your best.

You can melt 100 grams of chocolate and drizzle that too like I did. Yum!

EDIT: This cheesecake did not set. I would suggest you add some gelatine leaves. Instead I blended it up into a thick shake (which tasted amazing) and then put it into an ice cream maker. Sadly I didn’t get to try any because we brought it to a family member’s barbecue and chased my kids around and then left exhausted. I’ll probably try it again though, because seriously, Caramal Oreo Cheesecake ICE CREAM!?





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