Leopard Print Bellbottoms

Maybe it’s because I’m a 90’s girl who was in love with the 70’s even back then, but I do love a super pair of bell-bottoms.  The more flare the better; I’m so jealous of skinny girls who get more flare just because they have a smaller waist. I don’t see why it has to be that way though, I’m happy to wear ridiculously flared trousers, even if it’s not quite in right now. Hayley of Tea Party Beauty was mostly right in Trends From The 90’s You Won’t Be Rocking, almost completely, but this trend I really could go back to.

Well imagine my excitement when I found these while I was searching Etsy for some great leopard print finds. Leopard print bell bottoms. Excuse me but… Eeeeeek!!!




You can find them here along with some other very cool flare trousers for sale from Flare Street on Etsy!




My DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet Experience

It all started with the promoted posts on Facebook that are always showing me these wrap bracelets on sale for £21! First I ignored them, then I started to think they were kind of cool, then I clicked the link. Let me say that this does show proof in my opinion that consistent advertising does in fact work. One ad does nothing but consistently over time it does get into people’s brains.

leatherwrapbracelet1 leatherwrapbracelet4

So I clicked and went to look and yeah, they’re pretty nice but woah! The ones not on sale are like over £100! I’m broke. Like really broke. Even £21 is pushing it for me right now. So, I thought I might see if I can look up how to make these things myself. Can’t be that hard right? Indeed, there are lots of tutorials in blogs (and youtube videos but I didn’t watch any) and I chose one that looked fairly good to follow and bought all the stuff I would need from ebay.

I think it was the beads that took longest, easily two weeks. I almost lost interest by then! And they were all wrong for this type of bracelet so I had to order different ones a couple of times as well as wait for a night I had the energy AND interest AND ingredients ALL converged into a trifecta of a bracelet making night!


Then, once I’d spent over £21 anyway, I started making this bracelet that was clearly not going to look as good as a pro can make it. But, I thought it would be fun.


What a mess!

It was really frustrating and monotonous and a little bit boring. Howeveer I did feel quite accomplished at the end when I had a nice bracelet, even though it’s not long enough or neat enough really. I might try again soon. I might try it again a lot!

However I would say the moral of the story is that sometimes the DIY option is not the best value at all!

Have you ever had a similar DIY fashion experience?


It’s Spring! Put the pastels away!

It’s spring now and apparently it has been for four whole weeks! Really? I can’t believe that. It’s still cold in my bedroom at night (did you know I’m from America and have only been here 5 years? Yeah, I still expect it to warm up in spring! What’s wrong with me?) There have been a couple days that were like two degrees warmer, maybe, but it’s still been mostly the same. I guess that’s what I should expect anyway, until those three days of summer arrive it’ll be like this. (I don’t believe that for a second, summer does get hot! That I remember.)

Anyway the real reason I know it’s spring is because I keep seeing blog posts like this:

SPRING has sprung! Can you believe it? I love spring because now I can wear the super pretty, frilly, flouncy, lovely, mooshy, smooshy, PASTEL coloured dresses! Yaaaayyyy! Look at these lovely scrummy pastel dresses! I loooooveee them! 


 Image source

I hate them. Pastels, ugh. They’re so… noncommittal! If you’re a colour, be a colour! Stand up for yourself and shout it out! Spring should be about waking up to all the lovely colours in the world after the slumber of winter. I’m happy with winter being about creams and browns, dark greens and reds. That’s lovely. But in the spring time, this happens:


Yellow flowers * Blue flowers closeup * Purple flower closeup * Yellow daffodils * Red and yellow flower meadow * Hydrangeas

So why exactly are we looking at these?


Image source

Wake up to some brightness in the world!


This jumper on Etsy somehow manages to be bright as well as pastel so it had to go first. I actually surprisingly like it a lot!


This one is also on Etsy and is upcycled like all the items in the shop from tea towels! It’s too quirky not to like it!


Speaking of quirk; this top is quite pastel as well I know, I’m getting to the really bright stuff. But it’s got a raccoon on it! Move over owls, bored of you now.


Here you go, we’re getting brighter, this is the kind of thing I like. That’s spring right there. Spring flowers and everything!


I just think this looks quite nicely bright and comfy too. I kinda want it. Find it here.


This bright yellow shrug is pretty much the epitome of what I think spring should be about. I know you think it’s summery. Nope.

rockabillytopAnd I had to add this rockabilly top to the list because it’s quite bright and quite odd (which I love)! One of a kind!

So, that’s what I think about what to wear in spring. I know, I’m alone in this. Pastel is in.

For now!


Hearts and roses

I’m not a very pink and frilly kind of girl. In fact I used to protest pink and frills completely. Anything too girly and I would reject it without a thought. I tend to reject anything that I’m told directly or indirectly I have to do. When I was younger I’d gladly cut off my nose to spite my face in many ways just to prove I could do what I want. I’m a little more discerning now.

I still have issues with pink and frills for little girls. That’s all you can find in most places that sell kids clothes; pink, purple, frilly and girly. There’s nothing wrong with being girly if you decide that’s what you like but when pink is all that’s available for little girls what is that teaching them? We spent so much time trying to convince everyone that women should be equal and just as it’s almost here, we separate the girls from the boys and show them just how different they really are. It’s a post in itself really and believe me it’ll happen because it’s one of my touch points.

Anyway, I’ve actually grown to like pink for myself sometimes, as well as flowery things and hearts and occasionally a few ruffles and frills here and there. Usually in a fusion kind of way, paired with something less traditionally girly. Here are a few of my favorites:


First up is this simple but lovely vintage heart bracelet by Iridescence. As it’s not too complex it can be paired with just about anything in the world from jeans and a t-shirt to an evening gown. It could become a total wardrobe staple in an instant. 


I love this Butterfly covered straw hat by Betsy Hatter, its just so gorgeous and whimsical. It kind of looks very girly at first glance with the flowers and butterflies in pinks and purples and might be a bit too much on a dress like this:

pink frilly dress

Found on Etsy here. But maybe not, now that I think about it. I think some people could really rock those two together. I was thinking more like this though:


Here’s the link to that one, it doesn’t go anywhere sadly but it’s just the kind of thing I had in my head. The thing about the butterfly hat is that it is so versatile. It can be anything you want it to be; soft and sweet, loud and quirky or totally in your face bold. It’s all in how you present it!

A bit of a switch in gears:


This cake by Time for Tiffin is one of my faves. So sweet with the doll and the hearts, I’m left speechless. I sure couldn’t bring myself to cut into it though!


I found this on Pinterest and it links to a site where I can’t find the original. Oh well. Just a bit of eye candy I really enjoy looking at even though it’s quite girly.


I own these, they’re from Iridescence again. You can’t see from the pic but they have these little crystals in the tops so they sparkle too! I love them because they’re a touch of character when you’re not feeling like making a huge look-at-me statement.


Here they are!

And lastly:


I quite like this Marilyn Monroe Sugar Skull t-shirt. There aren’t any hearts or flowers in it but it’s Marilyn right? So it’s a bit girly by default.

What do you think about frills and flowers? Yea or Nay?


I love the bohemian, hippy look of patchwork, especially when bright colours are incorporated. Pinks and oranges are my favorites. I went looking for illustrations and here’s what I found:


This sofa is beautiful and I’d be so happy to have it as a focus piece in my home.


I couldn’t find the perfect mix of fabric in trousers on etsy or pinterest, though I do remember seeing them a year or two ago. That’s what you get when you don’t jump on something you love on etsy right? Anyway, these are quite nice anyway.


This pillow has a nice mix of colours in my opinion.


If this was bigger I might buy it. Its got my favorite mix of orange and pink and I love the rag look in between the patches! Its on sale at the moment too.


I wish this tunic was my size but I couldn’t find anything like this in my size! Boo!

What do you think about patchwork? Yea or nay?