Enter Epic Thread Love!

Meet my new website Epic Thread Love where I share all my favorite clothing, accessories and maybe a few home accessories here and there too. This is what I’ve been working on instead of blogging for the past two weeks, in between chilling out and watching a bit of TV!


Quilted Biker Coat



Bold Floral Skater Dress





Sun Moon and Stars Dress

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Window shopping

Asos is having a 50% off sale and they keep hounding me everywhere I go to tell me about it so I thought I’d share my favorite dresses from my window shopping trip. These are all £20 or under! I paired them all with accessories from Iridescence.co.uk.


Leopard print glamorous dress Of course the first thing to catch my eye is going to be leopard print. I am well and truly addicted, I don’t know why but I don’t see any reason to fight it either! I think a great addition would be this vintage heart necklace.


Glamorous print dress I love the print on this one. Baroque and damask are some of my favorite designs to see on anything. The print on this one is a good size too; if its too small you can barely see it and then what’s the point? The vintage heart cuff is one of my absolute favorites (you may remember it) and the drop earrings too


Baroque jumper dress Again, great print and it’s front and centre. I really like the simple, relaxed shape too. Its not for everyone or every day but sometimes that’s what I want. I can see this being my “I’m tired and grumpy but don’t want to look like it” outfit, mostly because it doesn’t expect anything from you. You know what I mean right? Some dresses demand you to be present and attending in a way that this one just doesn’t. It says to me “you just relax and I’ll charm everyone for you”. I didn’t want to go overboard so thought that the silver heart ring would be a lovely simple addition.


Influence pink floral print dress This one is just so cool! Its neon pink, a simple t-shirt shape so another chilled out day dress and the print on it is so pretty! I love that the dress is pink and the flowers are black and white instead of the more traditional other way around! The silver vintage bracelet would certainly be a gorgeous addition to this dress!


Butterfly leopard print dress Another leopard print skater dress, but this one has butterfly silhouettes overlayed which is quite unique, much like this jeweled butterfly pendant!


Flower print jersey dress This just looks like a great everyday type dress. It’s versatile enough to wear with flats or chunky shoes in the daytime or all dressed up with heels and jewelry at night. I can see lots of mileage out of this one! I’ve paired it with this silver bead necklace for a nice, relaxed look.


Glam skater dress Do I need to say anything? This dress has a great shape, a great design, it’s just lovely. Would go with these vintage drop earrings quite nicely too.


Printed shift dress with zip detail This is the first of the Blue Vanilla dresses that I fell in love with during this session. Really interesting print, short sleeves, really relaxed looking to me. The simple square stone earrings won’t over power the dress which is strong enough on it’s own isn’t it?


Blue vanilla shift dress  I just love this. I’m not usually one for collar and cuffs but the design is so intriguing! The blue ornate ring is a great match and would go with so much more than just this dress don’t you think?


Blue vanilla orange shift dress And now I’m hooked; I really like the collar and cuffs by this point. Orange is one of my favorite colors, I think it’s under rated and this dress shows why! And how about this angel wings ring to go alongside?


Blue vanilla shift dress I just love the pattern here. I had to stop at this point because I basically just loved all the Blue Vanilla geometric print dresses. All of them! Like the other Blue Vanilla dresses, I didn’t want to add too much but this peacock ring is exquisite isn’t it?


Leather look skater dress I do love the edginess of a leather look skater dress. I love that you can soften it with accessories, like this pink floral Iridescence necklace, or not as you please. I’m not sure I could pull it off at the moment but I love it all the same.

So what do you think, which is your favorite?

Limited time offer: Leopard print, glitter and more!

So as I said in the last post, now I have this stuff I’ve found that I want to share with you so even though I’m not ready to open a shop I’m going to make it available anyway. Between now and next Monday, 7 July, if I get enough people to order 15 pieces of the following items I’ll get them out to you. If we don’t get that many orders then nothing gets sold, so if you want something make sure you let me know and share this with other people who might want something too.


Each item is £10 but again only if I get the orders. I can do this because I don’t actually have the cost of a web shop, but I do need to bulk order.

1 – Oversized skull tee

2 – Glitter panel leggings

3 – Leopard print skinny trousers


4 – Pink t-shirt dress

5 – Multicoloured tunic

6 – Black t-shirt dress (limited sizes available already)

Again each item will be £10 between now and next Monday. If you or someone you know lives in Norwich we can probably figure out a convenient time and place to get them to you to avoid shipping costs, otherwise expect something like £2 – 4.00 depending on how many things you want. You don’t have to pay until Monday, and of course that’s only if we get enough orders. Just see my Facebook page and let me know in the pinned post what you want. Please feel free to tag people who may be interested and/or share the Facebook post, or this one.

Life’s been hard

For weeks now, if not months, I’ve been planning to open a web shop. Partly I’d like it to help support my t-shirt design plans, but also I never wanted to stick with t-shirts anyway. True to form, I don’t dream small, I want to try everything! I’ve been planning this shop, in which I want to have quirky and sometimes trendy items of women’s clothing, I’ve been sourcing suppliers and trying to figure out how to create the website, and all the other plans that go along with putting a web shop business together. There’s a lot to think about.


I love this stuff though, if I could make a living just helping people with their start up plans I would be a happy lady I think. However I am not a happy lady all the time because I have no time to do this and I find it such a constant stress. I work in an office 24 hours a week, come home to two small girls who need a mum, there’s at least a bare minimum of housework that needs doing of course, a husband and don’t forget my own mental health because sometimes its crying out for a break too. My 15 month old has been terrible about going to bed the past few weeks, she takes from one to two and a half hours and believe me that takes its toll on a persons resilience. It’s hard to come downstairs after that epic ready for a new challenge. Usually I feel down, depressed and exhausted. Last night I realised that quite clearly this is not the time to start an online shop that’s open 24/7.  I’m not sure I could keep up if it went well and I am really quite passionate about customer service. I used to be a restaurant server back home (as well as a restaurant owner for a short time) and my pay depended on good service so its practically in my blood now.

HOWEVER, I now have this stuff I’ve found that I want to share with you so what am I supposed to do?

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do; I’m going to make it available anyway, just not in the way that a shop would. Between now and next Monday, 7 July, if I get enough people to order 15 pieces of the following items (any combination) I’ll get them out to you. If we don’t get that many orders then nothing gets sold, so if you want something make sure you let me know and share this with other people who might want something.


These three items above I have as I ordered them as a test and in all honesty I love them all. The skull shirt is a wide, oversized, comfy and soft t-shirt. The glitter panel leggings are nice and comfy as well; I’m between a 12 and 14 so ordered a large and I think I could have gotten away with a medium really. The leopard print trousers are like stretchy skinny jeans and I love them.


Then we have the further selections which I don’t have:


I don’t have these but I want to so thought some of you might too. If you’re interested see the next post and then my Facebook page to let me know what you want.

I have not been great about keeping up with the challenge, but I’ll get back to it asap and report back to you later.

Get #bbloggers & #fbloggers t-shirts now!

So, quietly when I’m not doing anything else I’ve been working on this idea for a line of tee shirts and thinking about a way to fund them through Indiegogo or Kickstarter and the best way to get the word out about them. I want to get the minimum order funded and then release one every month, kind of like a tee shirt of the month club except you don’t have to accept every design. Maybe. Or it may work differently. Anyway I’ve been thinking a lot about tee shirts.


Then I was on Twitter looking at #bbloggers when it hit me! Why not have #bbloggers and #fbloggers tee shirts!? Nothing too fancy just a simple, clean design that says “I’m a part of this!” I think it would be awesome. However I don’t want to add it to my line because this is different than the others. I just want this to be it’s own little project. Lets just get ourselves some t-shirts and not worry about the rest.


I already have a supplier that sources ethically produced shirts and prints here in the UK so that’s sorted. All I need is the orders as I don’t have the capital to speculate with. As a matter of fact, I’m only going to buy what you order, so if you want one don’t put it off. Look how gorgeous these are. You can choose between white, leaf green or raspberry pink and the lettering will be a deep purple. They will be amazing!

Get your t-shirts here!



The Giveaway

The other thing I want to tell you about is a blogger giveaway I’m going to do. All I want you to do is write a blog post telling people about the campaign (maybe that you’ve ordered one and are excited lol), link to it and let me know. If the campaign is successful and the goal is reached I will have a rafflecopter widget that you can use to enter my Amazing Thank You Jewelry and Make Up Giveaway. The blog post will be worth a majority of the entries, along with follows as usual and the winner will receive a haul worth £100! You will get £50 to spend with Iridescence my absolutely fave jewelry shop, and £50 to spend on Urban Decay products!



 I’m really excited about this. I want the t-shirts but I also really want to see the amazing haul post or video by one of you amazing ladies. Please share this opportunity with any bloggers who might be interested! I will be sooo appreciative!

Loveclothing.com wish list

I took some time to have a little look around loveclothing.com and put together a little wish list! Let me know what you think.minkpink_fromheaven_dress_0

White Follow Heaven Playsuit


Peacock shirtdress


Black platform shoes



Black shift dress


Black skater dress

 I don’t really think I could pull off the playsuit but it would be nice if I could. I love the sleeves! Also, I’m trying to decide between the shift dress and the skater dress because I’ve been looking for a simple black everyday kind of dress to wear with some funky leggings for a while now. I’ll let you know how I get on!

Just a quick note: Don’t forget about my 30 day full body challenge! I’m starting it on the 15th and would love you to join me!


Leopard Print Bellbottoms

Maybe it’s because I’m a 90’s girl who was in love with the 70’s even back then, but I do love a super pair of bell-bottoms.  The more flare the better; I’m so jealous of skinny girls who get more flare just because they have a smaller waist. I don’t see why it has to be that way though, I’m happy to wear ridiculously flared trousers, even if it’s not quite in right now. Hayley of Tea Party Beauty was mostly right in Trends From The 90’s You Won’t Be Rocking, almost completely, but this trend I really could go back to.

Well imagine my excitement when I found these while I was searching Etsy for some great leopard print finds. Leopard print bell bottoms. Excuse me but… Eeeeeek!!!




You can find them here along with some other very cool flare trousers for sale from Flare Street on Etsy!