Enter Epic Thread Love!

Meet my new website Epic Thread Love where I share all my favorite clothing, accessories and maybe a few home accessories here and there too. This is what I’ve been working on instead of blogging for the past two weeks, in between chilling out and watching a bit of TV!


Quilted Biker Coat



Bold Floral Skater Dress





Sun Moon and Stars Dress

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Window shopping

Asos is having a 50% off sale and they keep hounding me everywhere I go to tell me about it so I thought I’d share my favorite dresses from my window shopping trip. These are all £20 or under! I paired them all with accessories from Iridescence.co.uk.


Leopard print glamorous dress Of course the first thing to catch my eye is going to be leopard print. I am well and truly addicted, I don’t know why but I don’t see any reason to fight it either! I think a great addition would be this vintage heart necklace.


Glamorous print dress I love the print on this one. Baroque and damask are some of my favorite designs to see on anything. The print on this one is a good size too; if its too small you can barely see it and then what’s the point? The vintage heart cuff is one of my absolute favorites (you may remember it) and the drop earrings too


Baroque jumper dress Again, great print and it’s front and centre. I really like the simple, relaxed shape too. Its not for everyone or every day but sometimes that’s what I want. I can see this being my “I’m tired and grumpy but don’t want to look like it” outfit, mostly because it doesn’t expect anything from you. You know what I mean right? Some dresses demand you to be present and attending in a way that this one just doesn’t. It says to me “you just relax and I’ll charm everyone for you”. I didn’t want to go overboard so thought that the silver heart ring would be a lovely simple addition.


Influence pink floral print dress This one is just so cool! Its neon pink, a simple t-shirt shape so another chilled out day dress and the print on it is so pretty! I love that the dress is pink and the flowers are black and white instead of the more traditional other way around! The silver vintage bracelet would certainly be a gorgeous addition to this dress!


Butterfly leopard print dress Another leopard print skater dress, but this one has butterfly silhouettes overlayed which is quite unique, much like this jeweled butterfly pendant!


Flower print jersey dress This just looks like a great everyday type dress. It’s versatile enough to wear with flats or chunky shoes in the daytime or all dressed up with heels and jewelry at night. I can see lots of mileage out of this one! I’ve paired it with this silver bead necklace for a nice, relaxed look.


Glam skater dress Do I need to say anything? This dress has a great shape, a great design, it’s just lovely. Would go with these vintage drop earrings quite nicely too.


Printed shift dress with zip detail This is the first of the Blue Vanilla dresses that I fell in love with during this session. Really interesting print, short sleeves, really relaxed looking to me. The simple square stone earrings won’t over power the dress which is strong enough on it’s own isn’t it?


Blue vanilla shift dress  I just love this. I’m not usually one for collar and cuffs but the design is so intriguing! The blue ornate ring is a great match and would go with so much more than just this dress don’t you think?


Blue vanilla orange shift dress And now I’m hooked; I really like the collar and cuffs by this point. Orange is one of my favorite colors, I think it’s under rated and this dress shows why! And how about this angel wings ring to go alongside?


Blue vanilla shift dress I just love the pattern here. I had to stop at this point because I basically just loved all the Blue Vanilla geometric print dresses. All of them! Like the other Blue Vanilla dresses, I didn’t want to add too much but this peacock ring is exquisite isn’t it?


Leather look skater dress I do love the edginess of a leather look skater dress. I love that you can soften it with accessories, like this pink floral Iridescence necklace, or not as you please. I’m not sure I could pull it off at the moment but I love it all the same.

So what do you think, which is your favorite?