Enter Epic Thread Love!

Meet my new website Epic Thread Love where I share all my favorite clothing, accessories and maybe a few home accessories here and there too. This is what I’ve been working on instead of blogging for the past two weeks, in between chilling out and watching a bit of TV!


Quilted Biker Coat



Bold Floral Skater Dress





Sun Moon and Stars Dress

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A wonderful opportunity for cookies and a coat

You won’t believe it, but this gorgeous Gold Flower Cape Coat needs a home. It’s the only one as it’s one of the sample sale items at the Masato Jones website, which by the way is filled with further gorgeous and amazing pieces, from dresses to t-shirts. It’s a good thing my husband has no idea or I’d lose credit card privileges.*

golden coat

I was shocked to learn that she’s been waiting for over a year to find her forever home. She once thought she’d found it, prancing around on a runway, showing off her gorgeousness, wrapped around a lovely person who could have been hers. And then she was alone again. Lonely and on offer. I’ve noticed many people on Twitter comment on how lovely she is but still no takers. I don’t get it! She’s not for everyone, she’s a size 12/14, and she’s dry clean only, but what great coat isn’t dry clean only anyway?

I believe that it’s just an accident of circumstance that she hasn’t been sold yet, similar to the 40 year old gorgeous, sensitive man who’s never been married. Like this coat, he’s just not been noticed by the right person somehow because everyone is out there looking too deliberately instead of just being open to these wondrous possibilities that present themselves at the oddest moments. We search, we buy, we try, we discard and repeat. Instead, we should be open to what the universe is showing us! Like this moment, here and now.

I’d like to offer a deal to whoever buys this beauty. Send me a photo of yourself in this coat and I’ll post it here to this blog. We can be friends and I can make you some cookies or something too. Who likes chocolate chip cookies? My husband loves my recipe because there’s a bit of a mocha flavour to them. You’ll love them too. Buy the coat, send me a photo and I’ll post it and send you some cookies. Or just buy the coat and forget the cookies. But why?


Any takers?

*That was a joke. I’m an adult and no one controls me thank you.

Disclaimer: Masato Jones has not compensated me in any way for this post. I am genuinely shocked that it hasn’t sold for over a year and I would buy it myself if a) I had any money and b) I thought for a minute I could wear it for more than 30 seconds before being smeared with some kind of yogurt or cream cheese by a child of mine.

I love leopard print

I know some people find it tacky or over the top but I love it. I like a little bit and I love a lot of it. I do recognise that you can’t really have leopard print everything all at once of course. That would be horrible. But an entire jacket or an entire dress is absolutely lovely to me! I don’t like very small spots and I don’t like when they’re too far apart. I don’t like when they’re grey or some other strange colour, although, sometimes there’s room for pink I guess.


This coat over at The Freelancer’s Fashion blog is amazing. Ulrika is gorgeous too so that helps but the coat is exactly what I love when it comes to leopard print. How freaking gorgeous is that!?


This is a nice leopard print I found on Plumo.com . Hope so, its quite pricey but it seems the good prints are.


I’d love these, especially with the boots.  However,I think I found another pair that might do. I’ll show you if I get them, and no I won’t wear them with the leopard print jacket I just bought!

What do you think about leopard print and do you like a different type than I do?