I’m starting work on a new website start-up.

I’ll be honest, I was hesitant about this until the election. I conceived this idea back when I was building indie party people, because that’s what I do; new business ideas spawn even more business ideas when I’m in a creative place. Unlike some of my other ideas, this one has remained in my mind for almost two years. Sometimes I’m actively thinking about it, other times it sits in the background, remaining a good idea to be thought about another day. Some of my business ideas start as a burst of energy and fizzle into the worst idea ever.¬†This one began and has remained, always a perfectly practical good idea.

I’m going to build a social network centered around childcare professionals and parents finding each other. It will not be extortionate.

It will be exactly what people actually want and need when they have a space to fill or need childcare. Simple.


I’m starting asap because the results of the election mean that universal credit plans will go ahead as intended. Maybe even harsher. They will be rolled out in my area at some point between September and February, at which point we will be sanctioned because doing a PhD is not good enough for them. We receive working tax credits only but at that point we will receive nothing. The dream of an academic job and homeschooling our children could be dead in the eleventh hour.

My husband’s PhD will be submitted by then, but there are viva’s, corrections and finding a job will be an uphill battle.

This site needs to happen now and ideally I need to be able to split my energy solely between it and childcare so that the PhD will be finished faster and we might be able to skip the stress of running against the clock in September. However that seems unlikely so we will continue to plug along and get on with life until things change.

I will try to blog through the trials of a getting a start-up going while also caring for children. There will be blood, sweat and tears, I promise!

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I saw this meme on Facebook and it really pissed me off


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I realise its supposed to be all empowering and shit. It was written by a life coach who wants you to go out and grab life by the horns! No excuses! Just do it! Right? Right.

You are responsible for every choice you make. Of course. You should make the best decisions you can and try not to get lazy, give up or make excuses. You should feel able to make changes in your life because there is a big wonderful world out there full of interesting things to do.


Milan fashion week, Emilio Pucci, Spring 2014.

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But if you’re feeling like crap because nothing seems to work out for you, maybe it is your parents or the economy or a conniving colleague. This proper academic article concludes that “Adult well-being is strongly linked to childhood experiences.” And this one says that “Negative or traumatic childhood experiences within the family are associated with an array of psychosocial problems in later life.” This includes physical health problems, mental illness and drug problems. So, indeed, your parents are big part of who you have become and your happiness right now. It doesn’t mean you should let that stop you, we all have our challenges and we all have to work hard to overcome them. But it is ok to think that maybe it may have been easier had you had a happier childhood.


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Similarly, the economy is complete crap right now. I personally do not think it’s going to get much better. In fact I think it’s going to get much worse over the next 20 years and further. There are not enough jobs to go around. Technology is a wonderful thing, it’s how I get to do this and learn so much and connect to so many people. But it is taking our jobs left, right and centre. This article in Wired magazine explains how robots will have all of our jobs someday. Its a ridiculous take on how we’ll cope because I don’t think we will, I think we’ll end up with 75% unemployment ala Elysium. (Great film by the way, add it to your list if you’re into sci-fi). My point? Right now and in the future there are people whose lives are kind of sucking because of the economy. Maybe if they had better parenting they’d be better at budgeting or interviewing or working hard. Instead they had the experiences they had and it informed their minds the way it did.


I just love this outfit, that’s all.

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The idea that we’re all on a level psycho-social playing field is total bullshit. Some people have to try harder than others. Some people for some very real psychological reasons find it harder to go into work everyday and stay there than you do. It doesn’t make you better, it makes your life easier. Appreciate that rather than judging them.

Sometimes it is your age, the weather or an argument. So don’t belittle the very real struggles that people have to cope with. Life is hard, there are causes to our ills and reasons for our hardships. Don’t let it stop you from fighting on, but don’t be disheartened if you’re finding it difficult.