Enter Epic Thread Love!

Meet my new website Epic Thread Love where I share all my favorite clothing, accessories and maybe a few home accessories here and there too. This is what I’ve been working on instead of blogging for the past two weeks, in between chilling out and watching a bit of TV!


Quilted Biker Coat



Bold Floral Skater Dress





Sun Moon and Stars Dress

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Norwich Cocktail Week is coming!

If you’re in or near Norwich you’re going to want to be prepared for this. And if you’re not in Norwich, we have hotels.


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We’re getting our own Cocktail Week! Seriously, a whole week to try some new cocktails in some different cocktail bars, a launch party and a raffle! This is sounding good.

So we have a beer festival (Yes I know, I’m sure it’s not just Norich) and people get SO excited about the beer festival and I’m like “What? It’s beer.” And everyone else is like “Its a festival for alcohol! Yay! Let’s get pissed!”

And then I’m like, “but I’d rather have a cocktail. Can I have a margarita?” And they’re all “No! This is a celebration of beer.” And then I yawn and go to bed (after a margarita of course).

But Cocktail Week? I don’t care what that’s about, I’m up for it!

You probably want to know what its about though huh? Weeeellll… basically, you buy a wristband and then you get discounted cocktails all week at participating bars! It pays for itself really so why would you not want to do it?

Norwich Cocktail Week is 4 to 10th of October, 2014 so it’s a bit of a wait but between now and the end of May you can get your early supporters wristband. By the time it comes around it will feel like a bonus you didn’t even pay for. I love when that happens.

The organisers are crowd funding on Indiegogo to get it started and until the 31st of May you can get your wristband and even a ticket to the launch party on Friday the 3rd of October (extend the fun!) for less than you’ll be able to get them later, IF you can get a ticket to the launch party later. That is a big unknown, so if you think you want one, go for it now!

Buy wristbands and tickets here.