Time to get a haircut

I have to get my hair cut again soon. A couple of months ago I had it all chopped off because I didn’t feel like I even had enough time to pull my hair back into a ponytail everyday with my two and a half year old and six month old running around at the time. I also dyed it pink and at the time absolutely loved it.


I skipped the December appointment though because by then I felt as if I’d had enough of the pixie crop and wanted it a bit longer. Now, at the beginning of March, its at a strange blobby, unruly stage that definitely needs some shaping. Pinning it back looks boring, leaving it down looks all feathered and middle aged looking (can we pretend I’m NOT approaching middle age please? Thanks!)

So, I clearly need to look for another style. This is where Pinterest comes in. Not that I need a reason to visit Pinterest. Here is the most repinned pin I get on my Indie Party People Pinterest account:


Everyone loves this girl and her hair! If you know where in the web this pic came from, let me know and I’ll update with a link.

This pin gets repinned almost everyday, it’s crazy. I have glittery things and amazing cakes and all sorts of stuff in my boards and everyone loves this girl! So, should I get the cut? Maybe. I kind of prefer it to be more like this one though:


Almost the same but a bit messier. I don’t think I could pull of the sleekness of the other one. I’m a wash and go kind of girl most of the time. But my hair isn’t quite long enough for this yet so I’ll have to find an in between shape.

Oh! Decisions, decisions!