About me CollageI like to think outside the box and sometimes I write things that are a bit controversial. I’m really a nice person though who just wants to see everyone get along.  Sometimes I bake, though it’s less often these days as I’m very very busy with two kids, a husband, a part time job and a website. I do love my brownies and cake, though I’ve found it easier to maintain my weight when I stay away. I’ve recently received a nutrition diploma and an online marketing diploma. I’m working on an seo cert and a social media cert. I intend to become the most clever creative Norwich digital marketer you’ve ever met. I love glitter, leopard print, swing dresses, tunic tops, comfortable jeans and oh the shame, but comfortable shoes.

Earlier this year, I started a website which I’ve now closed, and very quickly decided I had a lot of things to share, so I started this blog. Then I started to feel exhausted so I slowed it down. This is where I will show you what’s on my mind, whether it’s a product or an opinion. Regardless, this blog is my attempt to explore some of my opinions and the things I appreciate a bit more in depth. I hope you enjoy it. You can get a hold of me, at the moment,

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